Manufactured in polished stainless steel, copper or brass, with built-in regulator.
The 66MW is a further development of the popular oil stoves 66M and 66MK.

This model is designed for mounting on the bulkhead, and includes air space insulation for direct mounting.
The stove is very compact with a high output which can heat up to 20 m3 in an insulated vessel.

The 66MW has an air intake fitting in the base. This can be used: – To draw in fresh air from outside the vessel. Or: – If fitted with approximately one metre of pipe down to floor level, it will use this cooler air and give a more consistent heat around the whole cabin. Adequate ventilation to the cabin would be necessary).

The type 66MW is the reliable and economic heater for all vessel owners that appreciate stability and safety at sea.

Capacity, kcal. air heating1400
Height, mm370
Width, mm170
Depth, mm280
Ventilation, mm70
Ventilation from floor, mm370
Fresh air intake, mm70
Weight in kgs6
Consumption, min. litre/hourMin.0,12
Consumption, max.litre/hour0,3
Heat max m3 without insulating14
Heat max m3 with insulating23
Contribution/comparison 1 Kcal – 1,16 Watt – 3,97 BTU
(+45) 62 67 12 68
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